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We are recruiting! As a new clan, we currently are recruiting Co-Leaders and team captains! Co-Leaders are basically Leaders. They can basically do anything Wink. Captains control there own squads. They can boss around small sections of the clan.

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 No, The clan isn't called Modern Warfare 3.

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PostSubject: No, The clan isn't called Modern Warfare 3.   Wed Sep 14, 2011 7:44 am

I guess its just a happy coincidence.
See, I made this clan. But I knew I couldn't handle the whole clan across
the entire CoD series.

This is why I have made the rank Clan Captains.
To control the clan across the entire series.

MW3! = Mighty Weapon 3 - Owner: N/A

Ops! = Only Pro's Stalk - Owner: TrueShotPro

MW2! = Mighty Weapon 2 - Owner: IF4T3 xIStOrMz

WaW! = Weapons And Warriors - Owner: N/A

MW1! = Mighty Weapon 1 - Owner: N/A

I would say happy coincidence. Sarcasm** And I had NO idea this would happen. **
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No, The clan isn't called Modern Warfare 3.
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