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We are currently running on all Call of Duty Games!
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We are recruiting! As a new clan, we currently are recruiting Co-Leaders and team captains! Co-Leaders are basically Leaders. They can basically do anything Wink. Captains control there own squads. They can boss around small sections of the clan.

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 Gaming! || xIStOrMz

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PostSubject: Gaming! || xIStOrMz   Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:10 am

So I thought the clan wouldn't be right just on 1 game.
So the clan is now moving through all the CoD series.

Black Ops

The clan name will change on these games (if you choose to)
For example; on black ops you can eather have [Ops!] or [MW3!].

Modern Warfare 3 Clan Tag: [MW3!]
Black Ops Clan Tag: [Ops!]
Modern Warfare 2 Clan Tag: [MW2!]
World At War Clan Tag: [WAW!]
Modern Warfare Clan Tag: [MW1!] or [MW!]
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Gaming! || xIStOrMz
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